MegaFaces Pavilion: Kinetic Facade Shows Giant 3D ‘Selfies’

MegaFaces Pavilion is a structure incorporating the world’s first large scale actuated LED screen / kinetic facade conceived by Asif Khan and engineered by iart at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics for MegaFon.
The project was recently awarded the 2014 Cannes Lion “Grand Prix” for Innovation, the Golden Award of Montreaux for spatial communication, and 7 Medals at Silver Mercury awards including 3 “Grand Prix”.

Facial impressions are created once every minute and are relayed to the kinetic facade from multi-camera 3D scans made in proprietary instant 3D photo booths installed within the building and in locations across 30 Russian towns and cities. This fully automated process utilised a tablet-based registration app in the queue line to give each visitor a personalised QR code card, and therefore a personalised language experience within the photo booths. Each visitor received a SMS message with the time they would appear on the facade. Everyone received a live webcam link before their face was shown and recorded video was archived so that visitors, or people who participated but were unable to attend the games, could share their moment across social media.

The resultant portraits appear on the side of the building, three at a time, at 8 metres tall Рa magnification of 3500% Рlarger, in fact than the Statue of Liberty’s face. The facade is able to display content with up to 2.4 metres of depth.

excerpt from _ Asif Khan website.