Zeitung typeface

The Zeitung typeface was designed by Bas Jacobs, Sami Kortemäki and Akiem Helmling and released by Underware foundry in nov. 2016 It is available in Thin, Extralight, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Extrabold Black plus Italics. underware.nl/fonts/zeitung/features/

Infini typeface designed by Sandrine Nugue

As part of the Graphisme en France 2014 program, the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP, National Center of Visual Arts) has commissioned a new typeface to be freely downloadable by the public at large. The Infini typeface conceived by _ Sandrine Nugue is a decidedly contemporary design. Infini also admits of a creative and… Continue reading Infini typeface designed by Sandrine Nugue

Dala Prisma typeface

Dala Prisma is a development of the stencil typeface Dala Floda, replacing the solid forms with a series of stripes which vary in width, offering a wonderful optical effect. The family was conceived by Paul Barnes and drawn by Ben Kiel of Typefounding, using a purpose-built tool by the brilliant Frederik Berlaen, the creator of… Continue reading Dala Prisma typeface

Bely Typeface designed by Roxane Gataud

“Bely typeface was designed by Roxane Gataud during the post-graduation “Typography & Language” at ESAD Amiens in 2014. Bely is a type family which is perfectly suited to text setting and includes a roman and an italic body type, a Cyrillic extension, a bold and a titling version. The roman is a radical text type… Continue reading Bely Typeface designed by Roxane Gataud