Wait, the perfect time for a perfect tea designed by Landor Paris

Landor worked with Wait to develop a new tea brand with a clear and differentiated positioning. The brand addresses a common, modern-day problem: a lack of free time. Wait encourages customers to take a break—“the ultimate luxury”—by waiting for their tea to steep. That down time is made enjoyable with intricate package illustrations and a smartphone app that shows animations of the infusion time.

Credit: ➔ Landor

Senior Designer
Dominic Davidson-Merritt

Senior Copywriter
Luc Speisser

Alexandre Vacante
Susan Liu

Design Director
Jérémie Barry

Exec. Creative Director
Tristan Macherel

Takashi Okada

Production Director
Maureen Baroni

Technical Designer
Stéphane Quezel

Business Director
Luc Speisser

Production Manager
Lorette Lacaze

Clément Chabert

Branding Agency

Jérémie Normandin