Henningsvær Idrettslag Stadion, probably the most stunning location for a stadium

Henningsvær Idrettslag Stadion

Probably the most stunning location for a stadium is ➔ Henningsvær, a fishing village located on several small islands off the southern coast of Austvågøya in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway.

“Henningsvær Idrettslag Stadion
Description: HIL Stadion
Artificial turf, floodlights for training purposes and a slight amount of concrete around the field. Around 500 people can easily watch a football game here and that seems sufficient since the village of Henningsvær doesn’t even have that many inhabitants.

What Henningsvær does have is a grassroots football club Henningsvær IL and an absolutely stunning location. The stadium was built by leveling solid bedrock of the southernmost part of the Hellandsøya island, resulting in a very rough landscape, decorated by overwhelming number of stockfish racks for dried cod.”

(source: ➔ stadiumdb, photo by olcen orozco)