Stopwatch free typeface

Stopwatch is a typographic experiment designed initially as part of an on-air graphics pitch designed by ➔ Alex Townsend. Free for Personal and Commercial use. ➔ Download Here.

Banto typeface

Work in progress. Beta releases available via ➔ Future Fonts. Banto typeface is designed by ➔ Teo Tuominen and has six weights from Extralight to Extrabold but only the Medium has full Latin extended language support and punctuation.

Le Graphisme augmente by Laura Normand

Le Graphisme augmente, a project designed by Laura Normand, a french graphic designer based in Amsterdam. Excerpt from her ➔ website: Personal experimentations for my ending project of the master degree, global design research and innovation.”ACTU PARIS” is the final fictive project of my essay…

kids toys designed by zoomodern

Handmade toys for kids by ZooModern

ZooMODERN is a top online design studio based in the New York area, focusing on handmade fair-trade, organic gifts and toys for kids, founded by Glen Hay, an American designer and illustrator living and working in Northern New Jersey. ➔ Take a look on their…


Japan House Sao Paulo by Kengo Kuma

The first of Japan House projects started as a base for overseas dissemination of Japanese culture by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A warm “house” with wooden facades and Japanese paper interiors emerged in the big city, refurbishing the bank branch facing Sao Paulo’s city…

lattexplus festival website

LattexPlus Festival website

A very nice website made by ➔ monogrid a creative studio based in Florence, Italy, made for ➔ LattexPlus Festival, an avant-guard events organization looking at the most innovative music tendencies, taking place in Florence and Tuscany.


Jacob Hashimoto selected exhibition

➔ Jacob Hashimoto (born 1973, Greeley, Colorado, USA) is an artist based in New York. Drawing on his Japanese heritage, he creates light three-dimensional structures such as wall hangings comprising thousands of miniature “kites”: bamboo-stiffened rice paper hexagons suspended with nylon fishing line. (➔ wiki)…